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Sophia’s Ranch is a start-up project based out of Las Vegas, Nevada, that will benefit children who are in the autism spectrum, have sensory processing disorders, developmental delays, ADHD, and any other disabilities. Our mission is to create a ranch housing therapy with horses, where ALL children of all ages, WITH OR WITHOUT INSURANCE, will receive therapy through the use of horses. We will also have a bountiful, edible garden where children and parents can come and plant; pick fruits, vegetables, and herbs; smell, feel and taste them.

But we need your help. The ranch was severely vandalized and neglected and needs some tender loving care. Thus far we have done all we can on our own financing, blood, sweat and tears. We are now seeking additional funds for final repairs, covering the cost for applying for non-profit status; purchasing a truck and insurance; cover licensing and attorney fees. To serious-minded donors, we will gladly provide proof of the financial investments we made thus far.

Please join us with your gracious donations and/or any other help. Your first step can be to join our Facebook Group: “Sophia’s Ranch Helping Autistic And Disabled Children” to learn more about the project. Please email us at for any additional questions or information. And if you know of anyone else who may have a disabled child or wants to join as a Friend for our cause, please let them or us know. Thank you so much for any support and help.

[Please note that donations are not tax deductible. As soon as we have the donated financial means and/or legal expertise we will incorporate as an LLC in Nevada and file for 501(c)(3) non-proift status with the U.S. IRS.]


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