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Meet Our Community Partners

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Bunch of Balloons

Milestone Family Solutions


A Celebration of Community

Featuring Our Community Partners

Saturday, July 6th

11 AM to 3 PM

Bunch of Balloons

The Foundation of a Strong Family is Love and Community.

Milestone Family Solutions has partnered with local businesses to who are committed to improving the lives of families with a special needs child. Meet our local community partners and friends. It’s a day of information for parents and FUN activities for your children at Milestone Family Solutions. Join us for this special needs friendly event at our Family Enrichment Center, 3145 E. Warm Springs Road, Suite 200 in sunny Las Vegas.

Ellie English as Snow Queen

Meet a Snow Queen. She will show children how to make snow. You can see her again on July 20th reading of “Oh No Silly Goose”.

About the Book. Inspirational children’s book that delivers the message of never giving up on your dreams and to try even when you experience doubt from others. Written by Amanda Sainz.

Oh No Silly Goose! book cover

As the parent of a special needs child, this is your opportunity to learn about the services available to improve the life of your child and your family. Your whole family is encouraged to come. There will be activities to keep children entertained while you learn about the services offered by Milestone Family Solutions and our community partners.

Appearing at this event:

RAD (Real Autism Difference)
Identity Dance
Snow Queen
Reiki Therapist
NEAT Services
Licensed Clinical Social Workers
Dance ClassTumbling Class Snow MakingCraft Projects
Mother's Day Children with Arts and Crafts.
Children playing with hula hoops
RAD Father's Day Children Playing

FREE Activities for Kids

  • 30-minute trial dance and tumbling classes
  • Snow Queen teaching how to make snow
  • Development workshops in our Imagination Station
  • Craft projects
  • And More

For Parents

  • Consult with a Licensed Clinical Social Worker about assessments and services
  • Speak with a Reiki Therapy about child programs
  • Summer Program Sign-up Information
  • And More
Licensed Clinical Social Workers

LaDwana Retic and Aquannette Jackson are Licensed Clinical Social Workers with over 20 years of experience helping people navigate through difficult periods in their lives. They will be on hand to answer questions about assessments and the service they provide. Learn how to best use Medicaid to pay for your child and family services.

Tour Our Family Enrichment Center

Imagination StationImagination Station
Room dedicated for your child’s senses and imagination. Activities focus is on the development of cognitive and self expression skills.

Fun Zone picture of toysFun Zone
Place for children to express themselves while they build up their skills through music & movement. Activities focus on the development of motor and sensory skills.

Social Lounge at Milestone Family SolutionsSocial Lounge
Winding down area for relaxation, reading, and movies. Lounge used to promote communication and socialization through play and board games.

Kitchen CornerKitchen Corner
Your children turn into chefs making their own food creations in a fun group setting. Activities focus on teaching nutrition during snack and mealtimes.

Quiet RoomQuiet Room
Safe and calm area for groups and individuals to relax and refocus. Our sensory sensitive room includes:  dim lights, couch, blankets, and sensory toys.

Superhero HallwaySuperhero Hallway
Walls depict images of superheroes reinforcing our belief that every child has superpowers. Activities include: crab crawling, sack races, and scooters.

Meet Our Community Partners

RAD - Real Autism Difference logoRAD’s mission is to make a positive impact in the lives of individuals and families with autism. RAD envisions a community where every individual with autism has access to education, care, activities and medical resources necessary to lead a happy and fulfilled life.

Identity Dance logoIdentity Dance, LLC’s Educational After School Program is an innovative new mobile dance company. They value the ability of reaching children on another level of self expression to boost self confidence and integrity in all aspects of life.

NEAT Services logoNEAT Services is an educational advocacy and tutoring provider in Southern Nevada for children and young adults with disabilities. Their services center on finding collaborative and enriching methods to bring each child the services they need to succeed.

Amy Barilla photoAmy Barilla is a Reiki Therapist. Her Kids Healing Workshop is an opportunity for kids with sensory and emotional challenges to learn how to independently calm and manage emotional triggers. Kids attending the workshops can experience more focus, clarity, and emotional balance throughout the school day.

Ellie EnglishEllie English founder of Once Upon A Time Nevada will be in costume as a snow queen to entertain the children. She is a well known performance artist in the area who will read stores and play games with children. This event is special needs friendly. Visit her on Facebook.

Join us on JULY 6th at:

Milestone Family Solutions
3145 E. Warm Springs Road, Suite 200
Las Vegas, NV 89120

Empowering Parents With KNOWLEDGE & Children For Success