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With our corporate services for Las Vegas based Providers, your company, organization, business or institution can help MFS make Las Vegas STRONGER !!! We offer our LV communities & organizations the opportunity to benefit from our experience from all perspectives; the Educator, the Provider & the Parent.  These include but are not limited to; Child Care Facilities, Pediatric Therapy Providers (Rehabilitative & Behavioral), PreSchools, Grade Schools, Hospitals & Clinics, Foster Care facilities, Nanny & Babysitting services, Religious organizations & programs and any LV based business who wants to improve customer relations and contribute to the future of our children.

You can become an MFS Certified Provider TODAY !!!

This will not only add you to our referral network (related fields only), but lead to more exposure for your company and will assure YOUR clients know you are AWARE & CARE !!!

Below you will see we have segregated this immense category into 5 major sections to encompass many different outlets where Awareness and Parental Education can be helpful resources.  These different sections enable us to customize our programs for each area to better serve our corporate clients and our LV communities. If your organization wants to help MFS in our goal to spread awareness of the recognition of symptoms of ASD & other disorders or simply wants to help children and parents in need, you have found the right website !!!
MFS offers different programs and benefits depending on which type of Provider your organization is or endeavors to be. Please choose a section below which best suits your area of expertise or goals to learn more information about the benefits we can offer your organization, company or institution.

Child Care Services

Does your company provide Child Care to Las Vegas children ?

Our Child Care services are for Day/Night Child Care Providers from large corporate entities to small at home businesses. This includes Nanny & Babysitting services, both public and private and anyone who provides Child Care to Las Vegas children.

Our services include seminars concerning Client Relations, Child Development, ASD Awareness, Special Needs Training, Specialized Groups and customized programs tailored to encompass your staff’s recommendations.

MFS believes everyone who spends time with children should be familiar with symptoms of the most common therapeutic disorders, as we all know some children go undiagnosed for way too long.

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We as Providers also know Early Assessments are the key to success in most cases. MFS wants to close the gap between initial screeners (pediatricians & parents) and secondary screeners such as Child Care Providers.

The importance of secondary screeners is sometimes overlooked and MFS wants to campaign to assure our NV Child Care Providers are credited for their contribution and commitment.

Industry Provider Services

Does your company provide Therapeutic Services to Las Vegas children ?

Our Therapy Provider services can improve your client relations & retention, promote your commitment to our LV communities, and help your company find more clients, simply by being in our MFS Referral network.

Show your clients how your company supports awareness & NV communities by becoming MFS Certified and help spread the word TODAY !!!

Our services include staff training seminars concerning; Parental Relations, Difficult Situation Sensitivity, Parental Liaison Trainings, & customized services tailored to your company’s needs.  This can include our Spanish Translation & Interpretation by MFS D.E.’s experienced and qualified to assist your staff more extensively than a typical translator or Skype.

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We can also assist in Client Retention & Lawsuit Prevention in difficult situations, this would involve MFS Directors.

Your MFS Certification will be mainly centered around our referral network and not only send more clients your way, but help MFS catch families who may fall through the cracks of our current NV programs

Institutional Services

Does your Institution provide Education or Activity Programs to LV Children and/or families ?

MFS Institutional services are for PreSchools, Grade Schools, Hospitals, Religious Organizations, Community Services, Family orientated support Groups and Foster Care programs.

These MFS seminars focus on common child related Awareness Topics, Recognition of Symptoms, Sensitivity Training and Parental Education Techniques.

MFS Certifications for Institutions are complementary to help serve our communities and NV Parents.

While our services can vary between types of Institutions, the goals, our methodology and pricing structures are the same. The only exceptions are Hospitals, & Clinics, these programs will be specialized for your facility’s needs in however way we can help your staff and support, counsel, and spread awareness to families.

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We also provide specialized Groups for parents and children of ours or your custom design to envelop all aspects of your institution’s needs.

NON Profit or Charity Services

Is your business entity a NON Profit or Charitable organization who is not a Pediatric Therapy Provider ?

Do you help our LV communities by offering resources and support to NV children and families ? MFS can help your organization by promoting and attending your events, presenting seminars to your staff and adding your Non Profit to our referral network. This will help you reach more parents and expand your resources. Together we will help Las Vegas communities fill these gaps !!!

MFS is happy to join our community and child & family orientated Charitable organizations in helping as many families as we can together. These types of entities are currently our city’s best resources parents find when seeking assistance.

MFS wants to not only help these organizations fulfill their missions, but to have them help us make Las Vegas Stronger !!!  The addition of theses organizations to our network will only strengthen the future of LV children and our communities and we proudly offer select services free of charge.

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Local Business Services

Have you wondered how your non child related business can show its support to NV families and your community ?

Are your customers predominantly parents & children ? Does your staff include parents of young children or any having special needs ? Do you want to show your community you care about NV children and Awareness of Intervention ?

If you are looking for someone to help you run a specialized children’s group, MFS can offer some unique alternatives.

Showing your community and employees your business cares about the future of NV children and promoting awareness is easier than you may know. MFS makes this process easy as we offer discounted service packages when sponsored by an employer, promote your business as one who is “AWARE & CARES !!!”, and provide groups and seminars which can greatly enhance the lives of your employees and customers.

Las Vegas small businesses are not only the pulse of our great city, but we are who can help spread the word of awareness and solutions to our NV parents.

Sponsor a group or seminar at your location today !!!
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Our Network

Our network of Certified Providers is just another way MFS is DIFFERENT. This network brings a new perspective to the existing LV pediatric therapeutic community.  All we ask from our corporate clients is to help MFS ease and dispel the confusion & aggravation LV parents face when seeking the right services for their children.

Let’s fill the GAP together with Awareness, Parental Education and a few hearts along the way 

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