Archives - February 2019


MFS & FAF Collaboration

MFS is excited to announce our collaboration with Children’s Bureau of Southern California who has engineered our customized and much anticipated FAF Assessment software. Using this software will not only help us bring expedient service to our clients, but will also enable MFS to provide our clients with additional & needed information from a reliable …


Valentine’s & Presidents Day

MFS is a new kind of Parental Education / Child Therapy company and our Staff are experienced Sp.Ed Teachers & Developmental Specialists with many years of experience here in LV and are also PARENTS. This is an Event to unveil our services to the public before our actual Grand Opening and since it is Valentine’s Day & President’s Day weekend (with no school on Monday) we have decided to help LV parents get a break. MFS specializes in children with behavioral concerns or that need help gaining Communication, Social Emotional, Self Help, Socialization or Sensory Integration skills.