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Super Visit By Superheroes

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RAD’s Superhero Sensory Play Day was a super hit over the weekend and an epic meeting of superheroes. Nearly twenty children with special needs were on hand for this special day. Characters from both the DC and Marvel universes took a break from fighting crime to appear at Milestone Family Solutions and socialize with our gathering of excited boys and girls.

Children and adults had a blast!

Wow! A Fantastic Day For Meeting Superheroes

The afternoon included a visit from Spider-Man, Superman, Supergirl, and Captain America. They spend the day visiting each of our learning and activities rooms. Children with large grins swarmed around them, often attacking with long hugs. They asked questions about flying and their homes. Most importantly for the kids was the one-on-one time to talk and play games. It was wonderful to see the joyful expressions on everyone’s faces including our superheroes who had as much fun as the children.

Bang! Pow! Zap!

During play time, Supergirl put up a valiant defense against children armed with green kryptonite balloons and balls. The “Man of Steel” was especially put through his paces as one child loved being pickup and hanging on to his leg. Spider-Man proved very popular, especially when playing catch with the large fluffy ball and demonstrating how to sling webs. The towering Captain America came down to earth and allowed the children to play with his shield.

Every Child is a Superhero

Children Are The Real Superheroes

To everyone involved in this event, the real superheroes were the children. Today was not simply a photo opportunity, but a lesson in socialization and overcoming the fear of change. Some children were shy at first when the superheroes arrived. They hide in the background watching the others, but eventually the superheroes inside them emerged. The overwhelming good-natured feelings of warmth and love won them over. Having conquered their fear, they began to socialize and have a good time. Unfortunately, for our superheros that included climbing on the backs of Superman and Spider-Man.

For our staff, it’s days like this that make us proud of the work we are doing with special needs children. You can expect more events like this in the coming months. Watch our Events Calendar for the next arrival of superheroes and other surprises.

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This event was sponsored by our good friends at RAD (Real Autism Difference. Their mission is to make a positive impact in the lives of individuals and families with autism. RAD envisions a community where every individual with autism has access to education, care, activities and medical resources necessary to lead a happy and fulfilled life. RAD (Real Autism Difference)

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