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Super Visit By Superheroes

RAD’s Superhero Sensory Play Day was a super hit over the weekend and an epic meeting of superheroes. Nearly twenty children with special needs were on hand for this special day. Characters from both the DC and Marvel universes took a break from fighting crime to appear at Milestone Family Solutions and socialize with our ...

Creative Movement Classes

Creative Movement Classes Jazz — Ballet — Hip Hop — Break Dance — Tumbling The Role of Dance Therapy Dance therapy is a form of healing that is guided by emotions and released through movement exercises. Movement in a dance therapy setting is more than just exercise. The movements are a non-verbal language expressed through ...

Summer Camp Adventure

Summer Camp  A Sensory Adventure   The Camp FUN Update: Summer Camp at Milestone Family Solutions is off to a FABULOUS start! It has been a joy to see the smiles on the children's young faces and feel their excitement as they participate in activities inside our Family Enrichment Center. Campers especially enjoyed the tactile ...

Meet Amy Barilla

Welcome Our Community Partner We would like to welcome Pediatric Reiki Therapist, Amy Barilla to the Milestone Family Solutions family of community partners who are having a positive impact on the lives of families with a special needs child. Her Pediatric Reiki practice focuses on helping children dealing with digestive, sleep, behavioral and emotional imbalances. ...

Pamper and Play Day

Pamper and Play Day Milestone Family Solutions (MFS) is excited to host a Pamper and Play Day on Tuesday, June 4, 2019! This day is for both parents and their children ages 2-12 to enjoy. Come see for yourself the activity rooms at our new family enrichment center. Here is where your children will play ...

Mother’s Day Success!

RAD’s Mother’s Day celebration hosted by Milestone Family Solutions (MFS) was a tremendous success. On Saturday, children ages 4 to 16 with Autism came together for a good time that included practicing their social and group skills in a fun supportive environment. Our family enrichment center buzzed with excitement.


MFS & FAF Collaboration

MFS is excited to announce our collaboration with Children’s Bureau of Southern California who has engineered our customized and much anticipated FAF Assessment software. Using this software will not only help us bring expedient service to our clients, but will also enable MFS to provide our clients with additional & needed information from a reliable …