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Our Mission

Milestone Family Solutions is about using our knowledge and experience to improve the lives of special needs children and their families. We tailor our learning and behavior programs specific to the education and emotional needs of each child. Our goal is to provide a support group of heartfelt professionals acting as an extension of your family. As partners, we work together to normalize how your child interacts with others inside and outside of your family environment. We do this by creating a safe zone where parents and their child can learn together the skills and techniques for a better life.

Building a Stronger Family

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Family Services

In depth In-Home and Center based assessments using FAF software helps our D.E.s engineer custom Success plans focused on your child & family’s needs.

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Parent Seminars

Parent-only Seminars are for parents with a desire to learn more about their child’s diagnosis and to discuss all available options including help understanding IEPs.

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Child Groups

Children-only Group adventures focus on communication, sensory integration, and social emotional skill building, as well as, gross motor and behavior modification.

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Held in our Family Enrichment Center, these Workshops are tailored for both parents and children to have fun while they learn and do projects together.

Your Child's Journey of Discovery

Milestone Family Solutions believes every child has super powers, each with special strengths that need to be identified, understood, and channeled. Children with special needs process information like sound, sight, smell, touch, and taste more deeply than others. Our specialty is this identification, understanding and channeling of these strengths by helping your children find their OWN superpowers and become their own superheros!

Milestone Family Solutions works together with your child in a responsible and compassionate way that allows your child’s individuality to flourish. Our team of committed educators and behaviorist share a common goal and commitment to your family.

Our curriculum focuses on these important facets of your child’s path to SUCCESS:

Physical Development




Skill Building

Sensory Integration

Behavioral Concerns


If you have any questions about us and the services we provide. Please feel free to CONTACT US to discuss our services and how they may be able to help your children and your family.

Let Milestone Family Solutions help your children discover their inner superpowers!

Every Child is a Superhero

Our Family Enrichment Center

Enrichment Center Floor PlanOur Family Enrichment Center is an inclusive environment where children learn and have fun. We have designed specialized rooms to help correspond with our curriculum which also help to reinforce developmental progress.  

Our staff of Therapist, Educators, and Behaviorist work as a team to provide guidance in a safe environment of love and understanding. At our center, children have the opportunity to learn, play, and make friends while play therapy helps them become more social and have less meltdowns. Our rooms are full of natural light, comfortable furnishings and toys which promote proper development and education.

Our Founder & CEO

Staci Frazier Profile PhotoStaci Frazier’s personal and professional experiences are what led her to co-found Milestone Family Solutions. Most importantly, overcoming personal and professional challenges gave her the drive to explore all areas of Child Development. She is the proud parent of 3 children. Her youngest daughter was a Micro-Preemie, this is what introduced her to the Early Intervention Program in Illinois which is spectacular and allowed her see deficiencies here in Nevada. Wanting the best for her daughter became an educational and life changing experience. This began her career helping children and parents cope with life’s difficulties with as much understanding as possible.

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Milestone Children Playing Arts and Crafts
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MFS Blog Posts


Amazing RAD Mother’s Day Event

“The kids had a RAD Mother’s Day event here. It was amazing! I love the “everyone has a superhero inside them” theme. My kids had a wonderful time. Sensory issues were no problem. Transitions, meltdowns, no problem. The staff is trained and great for handling all kinds and levels of need. My kids loved making snacks! I loved that they were working on so many skills while playing and having fun.”

Sarah Mulligan

Spring Break Camp

“My grandson attended the Spring Break Camp at Milestone Family Solutions in April of 2019. He was having significant behavioral issues at school, but after attending Camp, his issues at school improved. We are excited to see him make further progress by attending the MFS Summer Program!”

Mary Ann Haag

Spring Break Camp

“My three year old attended a developmental playgroup at Milestone Family Solutions’ Spring Break Camp. She had so much fun! She loved expressing herself through singing karaoke and dancing, and really enjoyed making new friends. The developmental activities the staff did with her, as well as the organization and structure of those activities, were the perfect preparation for preschool!”



“I have worked in the field of Special Education for over ten years. I have witnessed first hand the daily struggles of parents of children with special needs. I am completely impressed with the commitment of Milestone Family Solutions to meet the individual needs of families and provide desired services they cannot get elsewhere. Their developmental child groups welcome children with and without special needs, and are lead by staff with extensive education and experience in the field. MFS also provides parent and child workshops and seminars, an in-home program, and a variety of child and family social events. There really isn’t any other program like it in Southern Nevada!”

Jennifer L.

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Children for SUCCESS

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