Desert Regional Center (DRC) is a State agency that serves children and
adults living in Southern Nevada who have a diagnosis of intellectual
disability or closely related developmental disabilities.

The vision of DRC is to provide accessible services and service
coordination that offer supports to people that reflect their personal choice
and desires. Services, choices, and opportunities will focus on best
practices, community integration, family supports, and employment.

To be eligible for services, the applicant must have a bonafide documented
diagnosis of intellectual disability or a closely related condition such as
Cerebral Palsy, Epilepsy, Autism, or other neurological impairment that is a
developmental disability occurring prior to age 22 years. In addition, the
person must have substantial limitations in adaptive functioning. Adaptive
skill areas include: communication, self-care, home living, social skills,
community use, self-direction, health and safety, and functional academics.
Additionally, an intake interview will be completed to assist in establishing
eligibility and service needs.

DRC provides services that support people in achieving personal goals of
independence and community participation. All people deserve respect and
dignity and individuals are supported in exercising choices about the kinds
of services and supports they receive. DRC is committed to the philosophy
that choice leads to self-respect and empowerment and that empowerment
is necessary for people to develop their capabilities to be as independent as

A service coordinator will help each individual to develop a support plan
based upon that person’s interests, personal goals, and abilities. The plan
will identify specific goals and will incorporate the services of both public
and private agencies of the individual’s choosing.
Each individual has the assistance of a team to implement the plan of
services. An annual planning meeting includes all team members who will
discuss and develop supports for personal goals. The support plan is
reviewed quarterly and updated as needed.

Some of the services available include the following:
a. Family Support
Assistance to help families remain together include: respite (temporary
care), counseling, in-home training, and financial assistance to those
b. Employment/Vocational Training/Day Training
Job placement and vocational training help people achieve community
inclusion, increased independence, and self-sufficiency.
c. Community Living Arrangements
Service coordinators assist people in identifying support needs and in
arranging for needed services which can be provided in a variety of
living situations that include: in the family home, apartments, shared
residences, group homes, and therapeutic foster homes.
Intermediate Care Facilities (ICF-ID Homes) provide services to people
who have more intense needs and require 24-hour staff support. Some
of these homes are operated by the State and are located at 1391 S.
Jones Blvd. Other homes are operated by private providers and are
located throughout the community. These living arrangements are
usually considered time-limited with the eventual goal of community

DRC bills the individual’s Medicaid coverage for services provided. This
includes the DRC Intake Assessment required to determine eligibility for
services. For minors who do not have Medicaid, a co-pay for services will
be determined based on a sliding fee scale which takes into account the
family income and number of family members. Financial eligibility is based
upon 300% of Federal Poverty Guidelines. SSI benefits for the person
served by DRC will not count toward the total below.
In order to determine eligibility, DRC must have proof of income (three
paycheck stubs and last year’s tax return) for all members of the household.
A person served who is 18 years or older is considered a household of one.

Services provided are confidential. Persons retain their rights as defined in
the Nevada Revised Statutes, the Constitution of the United States, and the
State/Federal regulations and legislation. Individuals and guardians are
informed of their rights at the time of application for services. A detailed list
of rights is provided, posted, and available to all interested persons on

DRC offers supports to individuals without regard to religion, national origin,
sex, age, color, or disability including AIDS or AIDS-related conditions or
the ability to pay for services.
Revised: 5/12/14

Administrative Offices
1391 S. Jones Blvd.
Las Vegas, Nevada 89146
(702) 486-6200
Community Services and Intake Department
5550 W. Flamingo Road
Las Vegas, NV 89103
(702) 486-7850 (Intake)

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