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At Milestone Family Solutions our specialists are experienced Developmental Educators with a focus on behavior, family enrichment and corrective play therapy.  We are all committed to helping families make well informed decisions and finding solutions for your individual needs. We do not just focus on your child’s developmental goals but on how your family functions as a whole, supporting EVERYONE in your home!

MFS offers personalized time focused on Child Development, Parental Education & Family Enrichment concerning special needs and difficult situations. Our services can be in your home to promote the use of your natural environment and include the whole family or at our Family Enrichment Center depending on your schedule and needs.  MFS helps our clients gain knowledge and understanding about their child’s particular circumstance, symptoms and diagnoses while enhancing your family dynamic to better direct any care needed.

Like our Child Groups, Parents Seminars & Workshops, the focus of our Family Services concerns Communication, Social/Emotional Skills, Self Help, Sensory Integration, Physical Movement and Family Enrichment. When this process is performed in your home, it is not only more convenient for the parents schedule, but also very conducive to Parental Education regarding these subjects and promotes our Success plans for your child using the comfort of your natural environment.

A child’s behavior and development is directly influenced by how well his or her family functions.  Children depend on adults to meet their needs and teach concepts of healthy human relationships. Slight changes to your Family Dynamic can dramatically improve influences that may hinder your child’s development or cause behavior issues.

Our customized Success Plans will take your Family’s entire situation into account and propel your child onto the correct path. Once this path is established, the Parental Education facet of this plan will teach you how to keep your child and family focused on the goals which are set and to use professional techniques to control behavior and improve family time.

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