To follow our mission at Milestone Family Solutions we are committed to providing you with the highest quality programs, support services, and therapeutic education.  This includes ANY programs which go the extra distance for NV families in need.

During this pandemic MFS Nevada will continue working together with other community providers in support of communities that need us the most!

Many NV families and individuals depend on programs like these which focus on helping Nevada residents with the difficulties of having a special needs child or children.   Unfortunately a good number of these LOCAL organizations are struggling to keep their programs active and even their doors open. Our programs will continue collaborating with other community providers in support of our mission.

These and other local organizations need your help !!!

We are asking you, the parents of Nevada for your support! The support that we are asking for helps us and our professional collaborations provide respite and professional services for Las Vegas families in need. You can help us by donating cash and or volunteer services to a related local non profit or by promoting our wonderful agency to your friends. Without your much needed help many of these programs will no longer exist for the families that need them the most.

Please support our partners with helping NV families.