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Social Lounge

This room is used to teach communication and socialization with peers through playing table and board games which promotes a variety of developmental skill sets. It is our winding down area for relaxed reading time, stories, and movies.
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Consult / Quiet Room

A safe place to calm, relax and comfortably socialize for group leaning activities. Creating a sensory sensitive and distraction free environment is the focus. It offers dim lighting, a comfy couch, soft soothing blankets, and sensory toys.

Fun Zone

Gross motor, fine motor and sensory activities are the focus in this spacious room full of natural light. Children can express themselves while strengthening their skills through music and movement using our motion activities curriculum.
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Superhero Hallway

Every child has superpowers. Our scenic hallway allows imaginations to run wild. Crab crawling, scooters, and sack races are some of the highlights of our never-ending hallway of fun which helps your child find his or her own inner superpowers.

Kitchen Corner

Children turn into chefs making their own food creations in a cooperative, fun, and constructive group setting. Nutrition is taught during snack and mealtimes. We also help children discover new ways to improve mealtime habits.
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Imagination Station

Cognitive and self expression skills are the focus using fun art and creativity projects. This room is dedicated to senses and imagination, including expression with finger paints, scented markers and crayons, colored kinetic sand, and more!

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