MFS Nevada is committed to supporting and inspiring families in creating a more functional, fulfilling life, providing programs to children with special needs and their whole family, helping to build a stronger family dynamic!

MFS Nevada has formed a partnership with Compassion Community Care Clinic which provides a multitude of services. This organization provides holistic, comprehensive services such as mental health, case management, and food/rent/utility assistance to individuals residing in Nevada. This clinic also offers alpha stim and emdr therapy services, through licenced providers. In the near future our combined programs will offer basic living, social and community skills training workshops provided by educated and experienced professionals. We have also partnered with other community providers and will begin offering sensory playgroups as well as a guidance and mentoring programs.

Nevada Families Need YOUR HELP !!!

An effortless way to make your donations do more!  Give a gift today and help a child, family or member of your community reach their full potential.  A donation to MFS Nevada will assist us in providing more programs; aiming to change the whole family dynamic and opening pathways to success for the children’s future!

At MFS NV we provide support and training programs, seminars and resources tailored to families’ individual needs.  We will coach children and families on how to progress through exploration in a natural environment with emphasis on promoting social emotional well being.  Our case management includes setting measurable goals, using trial and error to achieve them all while teaching the link between effort and success, allowing the confidence to Attempt, Fail, Learn and Succeed!  We are committed to creating, offering and supporting programs that assist families and children, with a priority on bringing awareness to and helping our special needs community!    

Coming soon to MFS Nevada:

We will soon be providing full family assessments, assisting our team in understanding your needs in and outside of your home environment.  MFS Nevada aims to provide as much community support as possible helping with assistance programs, community services, donations and aiding in building much needed outside relationships!

If you are unsure about your child’s development, mental health or behavior, discussing and assessing these concerns can determine the proper intervention, if any, is needed.  Our specialists will guide you through our programs, groups and therapies offered, creating a success plan tailored to you and your families needs.  We will educate you and provide you with insight, information and solutions!  Assessments can be completed in person or via zoom or google meets. 

Another way you can help support MFS Nevada is by shopping Amazon Smile!  Login to amazon smile and choose us for your charity, we will receive 5% of all qualified purchases.  MFS Nevada has also created a wish list for our center’s needs.  These items will aid us in continuing to provide quality support and services to our special needs children and their families.

MFS Nevada Future goals include acquiring a space to offer a sensory playground, including animals, farming amongst many other educational and fun activities and events!!!  We plan to change the future of the special needs community by offering support programs to enrich the whole family dynamic.

Many children in our community are diagnosed with a disability that will impact their life and that of their families forever.  At MFS Nevada we welcome these children and any challenges they may have while providing a safe and sensory friendly home away from home. Our programs allow families a much needed break “respite” where they know their child(ren) are treated as special as they are!!!  Our center is unique, as we are full inclusion and accept all children with and without special needs. Our community needs places where everyone is accepted and not treated differently, a place where families can go without judgements and most important a place where you never have to say your sorry!