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Community Partners Event Recap

A Celebration of Family and Community

Milestone Family Solutions hosted our Community Partners Event to introduce families with special needs children to our local community partners. These businesses provide services that have a positive impact on the lives of special needs families. While temperatures soared above a hundred degrees outside, our gathering of parents, their children, and local business partners kept comfortably cool inside our Family Enrichment Center.

Never-Ending Dance Party For Kids

The celebration got underway promptly at 11AM. Children were treated to a free demo dance class by Amanda Sainz. She taught a very energetic group of young children while their parents watched and took pictures. Rhythmic music enveloped the Fun Zone as she cranked up the volume and led them through a series of dance moves and exercises.

Her instructions included directing the children to take turns walking along a path of colored circles and carefully moving along a balancing beam. The course finished with them jumping up and down on a trampoline. By the end of the tumbling exercises there were smiles on everyone’s faces and sighs of exhaustion.

Amanda Sainz helps child stand on his hands.
Child dance demo in the Fun Zone
Child on trampoline in the Fun Zone

Throughout the class, Amanda maintained control and kept the children engaged in her creative movement demonstration. For parents who want their children to participate in dance and tumbling classes write July 24th in your calendars. That is the date her Creative Movement Classes begin for six weekly sessions. Now is the time to sign up to guarantee a spot for your child. Judging from the excitement at this event, classes will fill fast.

Girl Singing in the Fun Zone
Children playing with sensory sand
Child with balloons in Imagination Station

After dance class, children were broken into groups split between the Fun Zone and the Imagination Station. In the Fun Zone they discovered toys and musical instruments that allowed them to continue building upon their social skills in group play. In the Imagination Station, the sensory sand was very popular. The children used molds to transform the colored sand into mountains and round scoops of imaginary ice cream. As the event drew to a close, no one wanted the party to end.

Special Services For Special Families

For parents this day was an opportunity to learn about the service offered by Milestone Family Solutions and local businesses that want to make a difference in the lives of special needs families. Two licensed Clinical Social Workers were on hand to answer questions about how to use the benefits of Medicaid.

Parents also had the opportunity to speak with representatives from RAD (Real Autism Different) and hear about their programs for children diagnosed with Autism. Representatives from NEAT Services discussed their one-on-one tutoring classes for children with special needs. Amanda Sainz from A.S. Art Enrichment provide the mini dance class for the children and spoke with parents about her upcoming classes. You will want to check out their websites to learn more about the benefits they can bring to your family.

Parent consultation at Milestone Family Solutions
Group Photo at Community Partners Event
Licensed Social Workers

In closing, we want to thank our community partners for volunteering their time and for their hard work that made this event such a success. For those of you who missed our BIG EVENT don’t worry. We plan to sponsor another opportunity for everyone to get to know our community partners. Be sure to check our Events Calendar for exciting activities for your children and your family.

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