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Staci Frazier - CEO - Executive Director

For over 30 years, Staci has been through a myriad of personal family experiences leading her on seemingly predestined child oriented careers and ultimately, the co-founding of MFS.  This has only strengthened her knowledge as a Parent and Provider with Special Education and Pediatric Mental Health & Rehabilitative programs, ensuring she knows the views from both perspectives.

Family needs and her careers took her on a path which included a multitude of different programs including state provided & private services.  Staci knows very well, what parents and children need, want, expect & DESERVE !!! Her journey has explored many areas of Child Development simply by being a parent of 3 children with their own unique circumstances early in her family life, this gave her the courage and the passion to help others.

The birth of her youngest daughter who was a Micro-Preemie, introduced Staci to the Early Intervention Program offered in IL. This was a life changing experience to say the least. Alexandria, (1 pound, 1 ounce at birth) needed & received an array of different therapeutic interventions, from the time she finally came home (4 months weighing about 4 pounds, 12 pounds at her 1st birthday) until age 3 and then graduated to other programs.

During the 1st few months of her daughter’s miraculous life, Staci was visiting the hospital for hours every day. While there, our always accommodating CEO also took it upon herself to form Parental Liaison relationships and a group with other parents in the NICU to help comfort both English & Spanish families alike.

After this experience and being that her daughter was safely on her correct developmental path with the help of IL Early Intervention, she continued her career as an E.I. Parental Liaison / Interpreter, but now more focused on medically fragile cases….for 16 years.  As a Child Care Teacher & Director, an E.I. Provider; as a Spanish Interpreter & Parental Liaison, and lastly, as a Director of an Early Intervention community Provider here in Las Vegas.

Staci has more than earned the respect of her peers, and most importantly, her families.

Staci Frazier CEO

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Angela Dalman - Director for MFSnevada

My role as a developmental specialist is to assist parents, to provide a stable, nurturing, loving environment, where children and families feel they are an important part of a loving and safe community. This is important to me because the children in my care don’t always have this in their life. I want to be a part of a child’s most formative years as a positive experience for both the child and the family.

I will promote curiosity in areas of cognitive, social emotional, adaptive speech and language and motor development and encourage peer and adult positive social relationships for all children and families in my care. I will do this by creating developmentally appropriate hands on experiences that will promote critical thinking skills.

I believe education should be at a child’s pace and provided in a variety of styles and modalities appropriate to each child’s development. This includes any adaptations or special accommodations that must be made for children with special needs.

I plan to assess my effectiveness as a teacher/ developmental specialist by documenting the goals of my outcomes paying close attention to how  families are able to correlate the strategies with my objectives and also journaling what worked well as well as what areas need to be improved upon.

I want to be remembered as a role model full of energy and love, with lots of exciting hands on experiences, and always waiting with open arms for a hug.

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