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Meet Amy Barilla

Welcome Our Community Partner

We would like to welcome Pediatric Reiki Therapist, Amy Barilla to the Milestone Family Solutions family of community partners who are having a positive impact on the lives of families with a special needs child. Her Pediatric Reiki practice focuses on helping children dealing with digestive, sleep, behavioral and emotional imbalances. She also provides parental therapy for mothers with the goal of making them happy and relaxed. Amy’s practice is part of Chiropractic For Life located at 7455 W Azure Drive; Suite 120; Las Vegas, Nevada.

To learn more about Reiki therapy, join us at the Meet Our Community Partners Event on July 6th at Milestone Family Solutions.

About Amy Barilla - Pediatric Reiki Therapist

Amy Barilla is a native of Upstate New York who has lived in Las Vegas for over twenty years. Since 2008, she’s dedicated her practice to helping families with children in need of emotional and spiritual support. Working with children who have sensory, anxiety, and digestive issues has be of special importance to her. From firsthand experience, Amy understands the challenges families experience when trying to meet the needs of their sensitive child.

The positive benefits of therapy can affect newborns to college bound children. As this positivity trickles down, it creates a family recipe for success! Her believe is that happy children equals happy parents. For that, she is grateful to be a contributing partner in every child’s care journey. Bring her your children and get them started on care so they can begin to feel better.

How Reiki Therapy Benefits Children

Reiki is an energy healing modality that offers children opportunities to release and reset their nervous systems. What makes Reiki beneficial for children is that their entire being soaks up the energy like a sponge. During their table time, they feel safe and most often report feeling the tingling, or feelings of butterflies fluttering in their stomach, as the healing energy is moving about their bodies. Children tend to become relaxed and nod off.

Through therapy, children are able to be redirected easier when they aren’t having an intense emotional release. Emotional and behavior triggers are tamed and reactions are decreased. Thus, their recovery time to things that caused upheaval, are lessened.

It’s important to note that Reiki is not a religion. Many often think it is and feel it conflicts with their personal belief system. It is Spiritual in nature, pure and simple, but there is no doctrine or dogma attached to this alternative modality.

Kids Healing Workshop

The Kids Healing Workshop is an opportunity for kids with sensory and emotional challenges to learn how to independently calm and manage emotional triggers. Workshops integrate a variety of  creative outlets: sound therapy, art, gentle stretching, and breathing.

Kids attending the workshops can experience more focus, clarity, and emotional balance throughout the school day. The benefits also carry over to how they feel at home and when participating in extracurricular activities and social settings.

To learn more about the Reiki Therapy services offered by Amy Barilla, please visit her website:  Amy Barilla – A Healing Space For Women and Children