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RAD Partners with MFS To Help Children

Milestone Family Solutions (MFS) is pleased to announce our new partnership with RAD (Real Autism Difference) whose mission is to make a positive impact in the lives of individuals and families with autism every day. MFS has agreed to provide RAD with use of our brand new Las Vegas Family Enrichment Center located at 3145 Warm Springs Road in Las Vegas.  Our arrangement includes MFS sharing our staff of special education teachers, pediatric therapist, and behaviorists for their ongoing events.

“RAD chose Milestone Family Solutions because they have a friendly staff of trained behaviorist and a beautiful facility filled with toys and the right amount of space for children to make friends. We are excited about partnering with Milestone Family Solutions and look forward to building a community of inclusion together.”  – Amber Nelson, RAD spokesperson

According to RAD, it is estimated that a new autism diagnosis is given every 20 minutes in the U.S., making it the fastest growing developmental disability in our country. Despite it’s growth, funding for autism research ranks the lowest behind cancer, diabetes and aids. Be sure to visit RAD at to learn about the valuable service they provide for helping children and their parents.

Mother’s Day Celebration

The first event that Milestone Family Solutions will be hosting for RAD will be their Mother’s Day event which will be on Saturday, May 11 at our center located at 3145 E. Warm Springs Road.

The event is scheduled to begin at noon and last until 4PM. Children ages 4 to 16 with Autism and their siblings will have a great time at this event. Parents are encouraged to participate in playtime with their children.

Annette with child.
Toys at Milestone Family Solutions
Child Playing at Milestone Family Solutions


Founder, Radhika Shah grew up with a younger brother with severe Autism Spectrum Disorder. The extreme lack of available resources in Southern Nevada for children with autism was a contributing factor in her brother’s inability to fully recoup his functioning. While watching her family struggle through this process over the years she began questioning what she could do to help her brother and other children like him. She started researching other organizations and educated herself on what was available and what was lacking. Radhika started thinking about how she could make a Real Difference in the lives of children with Autism. Over the past year, she has been working on organizing and establishing RAD: making a Real Autism Difference. For her 16th birthday, she decided to launch RAD to start her journey in helping other children who have been diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder.

ABOUT Milestone Family Solutions

name logoMilestone Family Solutions is a Nevada company helping Las Vegas parents find solutions to child and family concerns regarding child behavior and development. Our specialists come to you as Educators, all from backgrounds in one or more of the services we provide and some related ones we don’t.  Many of our D.E.’s also work full time in our Las Vegas Education, Social Services, and Behavioral or Rehabilitative Therapeutic industries. MFS has chosen only the best applicants with experience and skills including; Family & Child Case Management, Early Developmental Intervention, Early Education, Special Education, Child Psychology and various Pediatric Therapies and Behavior Modification techniques, each one inspired to enrich your families lives in any way we can!

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